hey, it's tz!

A fake polaroid of the Adventure Zone logo. Two interlocking triangles, the symbol of the Bureau of Balance, divide it into 7 sections. The middle section is taken up by stylized text reading 'The Adventure Zone', with the other 6 sections containing art representing some of the campaigns of the show.

i think the ultimate metric of whether or not a story is good is if you've thought about a character randomly and almost started crying.

lucretia's a really good character, y'all.

the adventure zone is a comedy d&d podcast done by the mcelroys. it's currently on its fourth campaign, ethersea.

at the time of writing this, i'm actually starting my... 3rd? 4th? my 4th relistening of this podcast. it starts by working off the lost mines of phandelver preset adventure, skips a lot of it, and then rapidly blossoms into its own incredible story. it follows the attempts of the main cast (one of which is a wizard named. taako taaco.) to recover and destroy 7 powerful relics, while also being followed by a member of the ~mysterious organization~ that created them.

it's a very basic premise, but there's an canonical reason for why that is. :]

that's one of the main things i love about balance! it starts off so simple and dick-jokey but by the end it's tied everything together so masterfully it makes you start sobbing!

over the course of the final few arcs, the anxiety really kicks in as threads start to come together in the background of the plot. god, the endings of both the suffering game and stolen century hit so, so hard. parts of the finale were a little melodramatic for my tastes, but everything else far outweighs that.

and that's just the balance campaign!

then there's amnesty, a monster-of-the-week-style campaign set in the fictional ski town of kepler, west virginia. i genuinely really loved it! the main cast have really good synergy, and i loved how the story slowly builds up their backstories over the course of the campaign rather than all at once, which allowed for some really cool ties between characters. also it has duck newton. unparalleled fucking character.

no comments on graduation. i listened through the first few episodes, and it didn't really catch like the other arcs did. :/

but then comes ethersea, a post-apocalyptic fantasy campaign taking place in a magic-irradiated ocean! i haven't caught up with it recently, so i won't talk about it too much, but i adored the bits of it i listened to! the changing of the update schedule from biweekly to weekly made the listening experience much more enjoyable, too.

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