hey, it's tz!

A poster for 17776. It is mostly taken up by a grayscale image of Pioneer 9, with red text asking 'hello again, stranger. are you lost?'. The title, '17776', is emblazoned at the top, with  three tiny satellites above it, colored red, green, and yellow.

god, 17776.

thank you jon bois.

absolutely one of the single best stories i've ever read. it's reduced me to a sobbing mess many, many times.

i honestly don't even want to spoil the premise. the way the story itself reveals it to you is just... so, so incredibly well-written. reading the second chapter the first time just builds up this overwhelming feeling that something is just terribly, terribly wrong, and then over the course of the next few chapters the story slowly slots everything into place for you.

here's what i will say: 17776 is a story about football. the problem is that now anything i say after this is going to sound completely batshit insane.

it takes place 15,000 years in the future. it's speculative fiction. it's also a post-apocalyptic story, albeit in a very unconventional way. it's entirely comprised of dialogue and other occasional interspersed media. it's deeply philosophical half the time and incredibly funny the other half. the "main" character is a nonbinary satellite, and steely dan is probably still together, maybe. in the third chapter, another main character goes on a background rant about how much he fucking loves lunchables.

he's never eaten lunchables.

he physically cannot eat lunchables.

he's also a satellite.

it discusses the inherent beauty of humanity, the meaninglessness of efficiency in a post-scarcity world, and human nature – the human need for rules, pattern, and objective, even in a world where all of that is more-or-less meaningless.

it also made me cry over a fucking lightbulb.

i cannot stress how much i love this story. i need everyone around me to read it. here's the link. read it, i implore you. there's a sequel too.

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